Mother Nature doesn't care if you're having fun!

Welcome To The 126th Old Settlers!

       Old Settlers - Still A GO! - Events have been moved.

Weather and Water Update......

All roads open to Halstead. Come enjoy the cool weather!

Please check this site as we will be making updates.

Softball Update:

August 24th & 25th
Games will start at 8:00am Saturday and Sunday. The last game Saturday will be 9pm. The last game Sunday will approx. 2pm Sunday.

Come enjoy the nice weather...... Play Ball!

Flexabilty is the key to success! Old Settlers can not be stopped!

All events that were north of the River - Riverside Park - have been moved to the Halstead Heritage Museum & Depot and Sooters Car Wash to include the First and Main Street lot. First Street will be closed to make a temporary location. Between the Sooter property and train depot lot, This creates a very usable area for Old Settlers to take place, said Fire Chief Jim, Old Settlers Chairmen. Inflatables, vendors and all entertainment will be staged in this area.
Mark Baker will be opening up for Ricky Fugitt on Friday night at the Rail Depot Dock. This is located on the east side of depot. Baker will play an acoustic show at 9:30pm for about an hour and Fugitt will hit the stage at 9:30 p.m. for 2 hours of some of the areas best Red Dirt Country! Ricky has been a huge help in our challenges with Old Settlers this year. Show him some love and come out and support him on Friday Night! Be sure to thank Mark as well for stepping up at the last minute and volunteering to help us out. 
The Beer Garden will be at the concert on Friday and at the Rodeo. Uncle Tom's BBQ will also be at both locations. Lots of vendor will be set up at the First and Main location! 
Bring your bug spray because "Welcome to the Jungle" may be more than just a theme this year. Mosquitos are out in full force after the rains they are huge! Come out and enjoy Old Settlers. All shows that were scheduled for the Riverside Park will be on the rail dock. (juggler and magic shows etc.)

The archery tournament on Saturday will be at the Middle School practice field.

The Great Race will not include the river portion of the race. Those legs of the race will be replaced with relay runners.

The Halstead Rodeo will be held at Legg Company at 10 & McNair. The Rodeo will start at 8pm. Friday night. At this time no events have been cancelled. Old Setters will take place, events have changed location. Be sure to check back as we update this site.

The Halstead Rod Run Car Show will take place in the parking lot of Halstead High School. The IHC Sunflower meet will be next to Scout Park on the street, south side.

Mud Volleyball.... is a go for the original pit area.  Be ready to maneuver through water, the show will go on!

The turtle races will take place at 1st & Main as scheduled.

Please check back. We will be giving detailed instructions on routes into Halstead. For those coming from the south, 151st Street that connects to K96. This will be a good entrance into Halstead. We will update other routes, check back.

Softball Tournament

As of Aug. 9th 4pm. All softball play has been postpone to Aug 24th and 25th.

The Old Settlers Golf Tournament on Sunday has been canceled.

The Fly In - Fly Over has been canceled.

The Horseshoe Tournament is canceled.

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