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Ressler Well Service Archery Tournament
Saturday, Aug. 11th at 1pm
Registration starts at noon
Pine Park



The Archery Tournament will have both Adult & Youth divisions.

It will be held on Saturday, Aug. 11 at 1 p.m. in Pine Park (across from Riverside Park).

Questions? Contact Scott McCloud at

Bare Bow
Olympic Recurve

Bare Bow
Olympic Recurve

***There is a MANDATORY 15-minute safety meeting for all participants that will begin at 1pm before tournament starts. If you do not attend safety meeting you will not be able to exceptions.

FITA Targets
This competition is B.Y.O.B. & A. (bow and arrows).
This event is free to enter.

Archery Tournament Rules

Mandatory safety meeting to review equipment, attire, FITA whistle commands, and scoring 15 minutes before start of competition. Must attend to compete.

Arm brace/guards are required.
Finger tabs and/or gloves are required if not using a mechanical release.
Target or field tips only.
Bare bow cannot have any mechanical sights and must be finger release. Marking of inside bow riser with tape or pencil is allowed.
Maximum bow draw weight is 60 pounds.
FITA whistle commands will be used.
Shooting time is 4 minutes for each end.
Each end is five (5) arrows.
Three (3) ends at each distance for a total of 15 arrows at each distance.
Juniors shoot 20 yards and 30 yards for a total of 60 arrows
Adults shoot 30 yards and 40 yards for a total of 60 arrows.
Scoring is determined by the position of the arrow shaft. The shaft must touch the scoring ring to score the higher value.
The range commander will immediately determine any questionable call. This decision is final.
Tie breakers will be determined by the most number of “x’s”.
Equipment failure needs to be reported to a tournament official as soon as possible. The shooter will have up to 10 minutes off the line to make any repairs and have two practice ends (10 arrows) prior to returning to tournament scoring. Assistance for repairs is permitted. Only one equipment timeout allowed.
Competitors must maintain proper sportsmanship at all times.
Dress properly. No shooter mid-section may be exposed while shooting. Loose clothing must be secured. Hair must be tied back.
Archers are responsible for loss or damage of their equipment and for property damage/harm to themselves, and as inflicted upon others.