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Fundraising Opportunity
Help us earn up to
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Each test drive earns $20 for our schools! Come on over to Main St. by the Farmer's Coop for your test drive on Friday, Aug. 12th from 5-9!

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Welcome To The 129th Halstead Old Settlers

August 12 - August 14, 2016

2016 Halstead Old Settlers Button Design2016 Halstead Old Settlers Button DesignSupport Old Settlers - Wear Your Button!

Have you thought about what it was like 129 years ago?
At the time Old Setters started, Halstead, and Harvey County, were not anything close to what we see today. One thing is common: for 129 years, the patrons of Halstead have desired to celebrate their roots, year after year. Old Settlers is proof that our community cares about heritage and the people who call Halstead home.

Our committee is very diligent in keeping our annual celebration alive and well. The Old Settlers Button is an Emblem of Support. We support our heritage and want Old Settlers to continue for another 129 years.

Wear your 129th Old Settlers BUTTON with Pride!





Old Settler's King & QueenOld Settler's King & QueenRoyalty -Old Settler's Jack and Ann Ratzlaff 

Old Settler’s King and Queen for 2015 is Jack and Ann Ratzlaff.  Old Settlers is not new to Jack and Ann, in fact Jack along with Herb Rea began the Old Settler’s tradition of the “Great Race”.  The Race was a little wilder back in the day and included horse racing as one of the events.    ...Read more

The Harold Rea Award

Jack Queen - Harold Rea AwardJack Queen - Harold Rea AwardThe Harold Rea Award is given every year to someone who works hard to bring positive improvements and attention to the Halstead  community. This year Jack Queen ...Read moreTwila Hanley - Our Good NeighborTwila Hanley - Our Good Neighbor

                    Good Neighbor Award

Twila Hanley is the recipient of the 128th Old Settlers Good Neighbor Award. Being the humble caring person she is, when asked if she would accept the award, she simply said, “ What do I do to deserve that?” ...Read more

Margaret Kraisinger – Old Settler’s Lifetime Achievement - 2015

Halstead is fortunate to be the home of many extraordinary people. One of those individuals, can be found at Halstead’s Old Hardware Store.  Owner Margaret Kraisinger, has been named the 2015 Lifetime Achievement winner for Old Settlers.

...Read more